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Alex J. Wood, Researcher, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Three lessons the labour movement must learn from the Fight for 15 at Walmart

Social media, the power of reputational damage and effective communications are powerful tools for trade union organising Across Europe trade union strength is diminishing. In many countries union membership is falling. Even where membership and collective bargaining appear robust this is mainly due to legal supports rather than unions’ retaining structural power. Sectoral agreements are being hollowed out and the … Continue reading

8 June 2018 by Alex Wood
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The gig economy requires unions to embrace the Internet

The internet provides new opportunities to strengthen collective action and improve new forms of work These are hard times for trade unions. Private sector union membership in the US is down to under 7 per cent of workers. While private sector membership in the UK is higher, at 14 per cent, the ability of UK unions to win disputes, outside … Continue reading

11 April 2017 by Alex Wood
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