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Alexandros Kyriakidis, Doctoral Student, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield

Democracy and Eurozone structural adjustment programmes

Alexandros Kyriakidis

The European Parliament’s new role in Eurozone structural adjustment programmes is institutionally ambiguous and offers only limited democratic improvement By now, there can be little doubt that reforms to the European Union during the Eurozone crisis have impacted negatively on its democratic performance. After all, this has been a recurring and haunting ‘curse’ of the Economic and Monetary Union’s political … Continue reading

12 May 2016 by Alexandros Kyriakidis
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Greece’s 3rd MoU: a one-way street?

Alexandros Kyriakidis

Syriza’s post-referendum agreement with the Troika stands as a ‘tombstone’ over potential alternatives to the Eurozone’s ordoliberal foundations The Eurozone crisis has brought about fundamental changes in the EU framework of governance. Overall, the founding ordoliberal model, often closely and correctly linked to the ideational hegemony of Germany, has been strengthened. Despite argumentation, by early 2015 all member-states had eventually … Continue reading

27 October 2015 by Alexandros Kyriakidis
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The Eurozone crisis and democracy

Alexandros Kyriakidis

A contradiction has opened up between the founding democratic principles of the EU and its new operational structure during the Eurozone crisis Aristotle suggested that every political system should be tested as to whether there is any contradiction between its founding principles and the implementation of its governance.  The Eurozone crisis seems to have generated precisely such a contradiction between … Continue reading

22 April 2015 by Alexandros Kyriakidis
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