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The Finance Curse research agenda: what we learned

Andrew Baker

A finance curse research agenda involves forensic dissection of financial dysfunction and pathology, helping to illuminate what needs to be put right Earlier this month scholars from seven countries and seven disciplines, representatives from four NGOs, journalists from the Financial Times and Le Monde, and a Bank of England official met in Sheffield to scrutinise and dissect the concept of … Continue reading

27 November 2017 by Andrew Baker
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The Finance Curse: Building a new knowledge network

Andrew Baker

A workshop in Sheffield this week will examine the symptoms of a phenomenon known as the ‘finance curse’, establish a future research agenda and discuss potential responses This week, SPERI, with the Tax Justice Network and collaborators from Copenhagen Business School, will co-host a workshop on ‘the Finance Curse’. The idea that a ‘finance curse’ – a more complex version … Continue reading

14 November 2017 by Andrew Baker
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The deep politics and (non) economics of the DUP

Andrew Baker

Fortuitous electoral circumstances have propelled the DUP onto a national stage, but understanding the party requires an appreciation of deeper structural patterns The 2017 general election result has cast Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in the role of Westminster power brokers with a supply and confidence agreement between them and the Conservative Party on the horizon.  Many things have … Continue reading

16 June 2017 by Andrew Baker
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Tax spillover, development and global governance

Andrew Baker

Our new tax spillover framework is intended to increase scrutiny of countries’ tax regimes and discourage ‘race to the bottom’ behaviours There is growing interest among a range of development non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in something called ‘tax spillover’ analysis.  In the last two months, co-author Richard Murphy and I, have engaged in discussions with Oxfam, Action Aid and Christian Aid, … Continue reading

5 June 2017 by Andrew Baker
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Macroeconomic governance since the financial crash

Andrew Baker

Acknowledging the redundancy of silo governance will be a vital first step in creating the new macroeconomic institutional arrangements we need The most distinguishing feature of the macroeconomic governance frameworks that emerged throughout the world in the 1990s was the creation of a number of narrowly focused institutional silos (fiscal, monetary and financial regulation). In the aftermath of the financial … Continue reading

17 November 2016 by Andrew Baker
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What is money for?

To meet collective societal challenges, and to respond to future recessions, a different way of thinking about money is required One particular exchange from the inaugural SPERI conference in 2012 has always stuck in my mind. After Colin Hay’s opening address, Bob Jessop asked him, ‘what is your theory of money?’ At the time I thought this was distractingly abstract, … Continue reading

5 April 2016 by Andrew Baker
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The political difficulties of ‘Corbynomics’

The problems are not really the economics at all, but much more the politics A month ago nobody had heard of ‘Corbynomics’.  Today Google records 174,000 search results.  It is becoming difficult to escape the term in any form of media.  If Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership election, its contents and claims will shape political debate in the UK … Continue reading

3 September 2015 by Andrew Baker
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The finance curse as a new grand narrative?

Andrew Baker

As both populist discourse and conceptual apparatus, it is capable of constructing a novel, inclusive coalition in support of the technical reforms we need In a previous SPERI blog post, I lamented the complete absence of a co-ordinating discourse or grand political narrative about the financial crash of 2008.  Instead, we have seen isolated and disjointed technical changes in policy … Continue reading

13 November 2014 by Andrew Baker
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Sea change moments and post-crash political economy

Andrew Baker

The crisis has opened the door to new ideas and policy paradigms, but politicians are yet to build upon them and create a convincing progressive agenda Political economists are pessimistic about the prospects for far-reaching and profound change following the financial crash of 2008. A common refrain is that little in the way of substantive change to the financial and … Continue reading

12 December 2013 by Andrew Baker
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Corporation tax in Northern Ireland: a question of political economy

Andrew Baker

Enthusiasm for cutting corporation tax abounds across Northern Ireland’s political elites, but some fundamental questions have gone unasked The corporation tax question in Northern Ireland is an issue of classical political economy, but such considerations have been absent from public debate. Crucially, the pending decision on corporation tax will send a signal regarding the kind of future the citizens of … Continue reading

15 March 2013 by Andrew Baker
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Corporation tax in Northern Ireland: the policy debate

Northern Ireland is at an economic crossroads, but the focus on cutting corporation tax has been one-sided and obscures some key issues   Andrew Baker, SPERI Honorary Research Fellow & Reader in Political Economy at Queen’s University, Belfast, with Richard Murphy, Tax Research UK   As the UK struggles to shake off the effects of the 2008 crash and faces … Continue reading

14 March 2013 by Andrew Baker
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Haldane’s new political economy?

Andrew Baker

Andrew Haldane’s vision is crucial to looking beyond our broken financial system, but it will take a collective effort to realise it Andrew Haldane, Executive Director for Financial Stability at the Bank of England, has been referred to as the ‘darling of the intelligentsia’. He is without doubt one of the heroes of the financial crisis. Haldane is one of … Continue reading

27 November 2012 by Andrew Baker
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