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Dr Arianna Giovannini, Honorary Research Fellow, SPERI and Lecturer in Local Politics at the Department of Politics and Public Policy, De Montfort University (DMU)

England’s local elections 2018: the unusual case of Sheffield City Region’s mayoral contest

Ariana Giovannini

On 3 May, the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority will elect its first ‘metro mayor’. Although the mayor will preside over a devolution deal with no powers and funding (yet), this is a contest that is worth watching The Sheffield City Region Combined Authority (SCRCA) mayoral election is a unique case within England. Whilst the other 6 ‘metro mayors’ were … Continue reading

2 May 2018 by Arianna Giovannini
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Italy after the referendum: when change leads to immobility

Ariana Giovannini

A month after the Italian constitutional referendum and nothing has really changed. The country has a new government and Prime Minister, yet the political and significant economic challenges remain After the resounding No vote returned by the Italian electorate on December 4th, the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who staked his future on the outcome of the constitutional reform referendum … Continue reading

24 January 2017 by Arianna Giovannini
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The uneven path of City Deal devolution in the North of England

Ariana Giovannini

The view from Yorkshire reveals growing tension and rising pressures from below The City Deals and Northern Powerhouse agenda has been presented by George Osborne as the making of a ‘devolution revolution’ in the North of England. The ‘Devo-Manc’ agreement certainly broke new ground in this respect, unavoidably setting a benchmark for other areas.  And yet, as things have progressed, … Continue reading

28 January 2016 by Arianna Giovannini
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The Scottish Indyref, one year on

Ariana Giovannini

Devolution in England ignores the key lessons from Scotland’s referendum One year has passed since the Scottish independence referendum took place. Although in the end the people of Scotland voted against self-government, the so-called ‘Indyref’ shook up not only the Scottish but also the wider UK political and social landscape. Hence, on the first anniversary of such a momentous vote, … Continue reading

22 September 2015 by Arianna Giovannini
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