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Pritish Behuria, Fellow in International Development, LSE and Tom Goodfellow, Associate Fellow, SPERI, & Lecturer in Urban Studies and International Development, University of Sheffield

The political determinants of miracle growth in Rwanda

Pritish Behuria and Tom Goodfellow

Rwanda’s government works hard to maintain a balancing act between the complex range of political and economic factors that underpin the country’s recent rapid economic growth To understand why growth is sustained in some developing countries and not in others, we need to understand the politics of those countries. That much we know. Or at least, there was an ‘almost … Continue reading

14 December 2016 by Pritish Behuria & Tom Goodfellow
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Big houses, hotels and increasingly expensive gorillas!

Pritish Behuria and Tom Goodfellow

The vision of a service-sector led ‘developmental state’ drives the government of Rwanda, but is proving hard to sustain Amid stories of ‘Africa Rising’, the idea of the developmental state is receiving attention again.  The concept was coined by Chalmers Johnson in his study of Japanese industrial policy.  It was later applied to a range of East Asian countries, each … Continue reading

11 December 2014 by Pritish Behuria & Tom Goodfellow
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