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Brexit, May & Trump: the dangerous illusion of ‘taking back control’

The analytical frame of ‘economic patriotism’ helps explain the rise of xenophobic populism and its failure to acknowledge the complex realities of our economic interdependence Contemporary politicians, particularly those with demagogic inclinations, pretend to their electorates that they can pull all the necessary levers of economic policy to exert control over the national economic future.  2016 has provided powerful examples … Continue reading

30 November 2016 by Ben Clift
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France in recession, and in deepening trouble?

The new Hollande presidency is struggling with the fraught politics of austerity Just one year after winning a famous victory in the French presidential election, François Hollande’s presidency is plumbing new depths in unpopularity as France officially fell back into recession last month. It’s true that all French presidents since the mid 1990s have experienced dramatic post-election drops in popularity … Continue reading

27 June 2013 by Ben Clift
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What can fiscal policy do to alleviate economic crisis?

The IMF’s about-turn on the merits of fiscal policy as a tool for promoting growth may prove game-changing in the long run Ever since Milton Friedman’s ideological assault on Keynesianism in the 1970s, a standard answer to the question posed here has been: ‘nothing’ or ‘not much’.  But recently this view has been challenged from an unexpected quarter – the … Continue reading

5 February 2013 by Ben Clift
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