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Georgina Blakeley, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at the Open University and Brendan Evans, Professor Emeritus of Politics at the University of Huddersfield

To gain legitimacy new metro-mayors must improve turnout and diversity

New metro-mayors must now deliver on their policy commitments, and quickly seek to secure the ‘democratic moment’ that advocates of devolution promised The elections of metro-mayors in six English city-regions, a significant constitutional innovation, might have been expected to enthuse voters and the media alike, although battle hardened spectators of politics were likely to be more pessimistic. Local elections and … Continue reading

11 May 2017 by Georgina Blakeley & Brendan Evans
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Metro-mayor elections: a new type of second-order election?

As polls open a range of electoral features – personality, campaigning and voting systems – will tell us if voters see today’s elections as ‘second-order’ Metro-mayor elections are clearly second-order elections as defined by Reif and Schmitt (1980). Second-order elections are characterised by lower turnout than in national-level elections and they are perceived as less important by voters, parties and … Continue reading

4 May 2017 by Georgina Blakeley & Brendan Evans
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Metro-mayors: campaigning in poetry, governing in prose?

New metro-mayors will be elected in English city-regions on May 4th.  Once elected the hard task of defining the new roles begins Hugh Carey, former Governor of New York State, claimed that politicians campaign in poetry and govern in prose. Whether it is Andy Burnham’s claim to make Manchester ‘a beacon of social justice to the rest of the country’ … Continue reading

27 April 2017 by Georgina Blakeley & Brendan Evans
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The politics and political economy of Greater Manchester

The 2014 Agreement may be flawed, but it is the latest step in a long journey to increase the city-region’s economic and political leverage Little changes. Robert Peel’s famous declaration in the 1840s that ‘what Manchester thinks today, the world thinks tomorrow’ could easily apply to Manchester’s early role in city-region devolution. True to their history of collaboration, partnership-working and … Continue reading

26 January 2016 by Georgina Blakeley & Brendan Evans
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