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Searching for a sustainable economic alternative in Britain

Daniel Bailey

The challenge is huge and demands coordinated political action at the European and global levels Craig Berry’s paper at the recent SPERI and IPPR roundtable event on the topic of ‘The British Growth Model: Building a Sustainable Future’ argued that a progressive economic narrative based on the contemporary concerns of the British public was required to usher out the already … Continue reading

4 November 2015 by Dan Bailey
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Fostering ‘Civic Capitalism’ within regional polities

Daniel Bailey

Not all devolution is necessarily ‘good devolution’ At the recent book launch for the new SPERI book, Civic Capitalism, it was suggested by IPPR North Director, Ed Cox, that cities (and particularly cities in the North of England and Scotland) represented the ‘most likely spatial scale for the development of Civic Capitalism’. He pointed to cities such as Manchester, Glasgow … Continue reading

21 May 2015 by Dan Bailey
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The ‘carbon bubble’

Dan Bailey

Overvalued fossil fuel assets reveal the ecological limitations of the economic recovery It’s disconcerting that the return to GDP growth may have, for now at least, obfuscated the analysis of the unstable dynamics underpinning Britain’s pre-crash growth model. The insights of numerous political economists have explicated that behind the GDP statistics lay a dysfunctional growth model with tendencies towards financial … Continue reading

1 April 2014 by Dan Bailey
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The economy as a human affair

Dan Bailey

We need to begin to think about ways in which the state can intervene in the market to promote new visions of progressive political economy There is a growing recognition that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is, on its own, an inadequate measurement of socio-economic progress, at least in post-industrial countries such as the UK. Of course, critique of GDP’s prominence … Continue reading

9 July 2013 by Dan Bailey
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The role of consumption in a sustainable economic recovery

Dan Bailey

Economic thinking needs to adapt to the new realities of climate change Five years on from the global financial crash, the (often undefended) assumption that economic growth will eventually and ‘naturally’ return remains an implicit and prominent facet of current political discourse. Yet, in light of a discredited Anglo-Liberal growth model, there is great uncertainty as to what dynamics and … Continue reading

18 April 2013 by Dan Bailey
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