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Dimitris Ballas, Associate Fellow, SPERI; Senior Lecturer in Geography, University of Sheffield; and Associate Professor of Geography, University of the Aegean

A letter from Lesvos

Dimitris Ballas

The inspiring humanity of many ordinary European citizens in the face of the refugee crisis contrasts shockingly with the limited actions of European governments I am writing this post at the beginning of 2016 in my office at the University of the Aegean, part of which is situated on the island of Lesvos, near to Turkey. I’ve been working at … Continue reading

6 January 2016 by Dimitris Ballas
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The political economy of ‘a country called Europe’

Dimitris Ballas

New mapping techniques open up the possibility of both a more informed policy-making and a greater sense of solidarity Can Europe be seen as one country?  Or at least as an emerging ‘entity of identity’ made up of a growing number of smaller countries and regions?  To what extent, in other words, can we start talking about the political economy … Continue reading

27 November 2014 by Dimitris Ballas
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