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How foreign acquisitions lower the debt level of domestic firms

Georgios Efthyvoulou

 New research suggests foreign investment opportunities benefit domestic firms and should be welcomed by national governments The impact of foreign ownership on firm performance has been at the forefront of the international business and finance literature for several decades.  However, the impact of foreign ownership on acquired firms’ debt levels is less well known.  Our new research sheds lights on … Continue reading

28 June 2017 by Georgios Efthyvoulou
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How does low access to finance affect innovation?

Georgios Efthyvoulou

A major new study highlights the barriers to innovation that face firms from across Europe There is ample evidence in the economics literature that achieving sustained long-term productivity and economic growth is intrinsically linked to investment in research and development (R&D) and innovation activity (i.e. through the introduction of new or significantly improved goods and services). However, due to the … Continue reading

24 March 2016 by Georgios Efthyvoulou
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