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Giselle Datz, Associate Professor of Government & International Affairs, Virginia Tech, USA

Longevity as transferable ‘risk’: the new financial dynamics of ageing

Giselle Datz

Transfers between defined benefit pension schemes and (re)insurance companies are expanding the landscape of retirement risk shifts We are witnessing an unprecedented global demographic achievement: the world population’s life expectancy for people at the age of 60 has increased from 18.7 years in 2000 to 20.4 years in 2015, according to the World Health Organization.  Between 2015 and 2030, the … Continue reading

10 May 2017 by Giselle Datz
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Rio and the surreal: The 2016 Olympic Games in a ‘glocal’ context

Giselle Datz

Paradoxically ritualistic and idiosyncratic, the Rio Olympics are set against a background of perplexing global and local dynamics which converge around the challenge of resilience. Olympic Games reveal an inherent paradox.  They are part of a recurrent and ritualistic tradition, not only in terms of their peace and brotherhood ideals, but also in some of their bureaucratic procedures.  Locations are … Continue reading

11 August 2016 by Giselle Datz
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Rio de Janeiro beyond the Olympic Games and the Zika controversy

Giselle Datz

The real malaise of Rio is not just the Zika virus epidemic, but a fiscal and governance crisis that has engendered its own set of increasing dangers On May 26th, a group of renowned scientists published a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) calling for the 2016 summer Olympic games taking place in Rio de Janeiro to be ‘postponed … Continue reading

3 June 2016 by Giselle Datz
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Brazil on the edge: rhetoric and reality in Rousseff’s impeachment proceedings

Giselle Datz

Despite claims of a coup, Brazilian democracy has proved more resilient so far than the country’s crumbling economy On Sunday evening (April 17), more than 71% of Brazilian representatives in the lower house of Congress voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff (in office since 2011). With more than the necessary 69% of votes guaranteed, the process now moves to the … Continue reading

22 April 2016 by Giselle Datz
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Brazil’s ‘neodevelopmentalism’: autopsy and adjustment

Giselle Datz

The problems the Brazilian economy now faces reveal that ‘hybrid’ development models are no panacea for sustained growth In September 2013 President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil cancelled her state visit to the United States scheduled for the following month.  At the time, the Brazilian government made clear its dissatisfaction with explanations provided by Washington about its monitoring of Rousseff’s cell-phone … Continue reading

19 August 2015 by Giselle Datz
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Brazil over troubled waters

Giselle Datz

Corruption, economic decline and distrust mark the end of 2014 in Brazil More than 2 million people, dressed in white, welcomed the New Year by the ocean on Copacabana beach in Rio.  They were hardly asleep when festivities for the (re)-inauguration of Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, were set under way in Brasilia.  For many Brazilians, the familiar New Year celebrations … Continue reading

8 January 2015 by Giselle Datz
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Argentina’s latest ‘default’: it’s all in the contract!

Giselle Datz

International litigation instills yet more ‘ad hocery’ in the increasingly tricky debt game A few days ago, on 1 August, credit rating agencies downgraded Argentine bonds to ‘selective default’. The country’s creditors, who accepted both the 2005 and 2010 debt restructurings that followed the 2001 default, had not received their interest payments on the expected date (30 June 2014). But … Continue reading

5 August 2014 by Giselle Datz
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The restructuring ‘revolution’: sovereign debt deals are no longer such a familiar game

Giselle Datz

Harnessing financial market innovation may help smooth the politics of sovereign debt Debt restructurings are complicated affairs. They are the products of a combination of ingredients, such as financial ingenuity, legal experience and different macroeconomic and institutional contexts. Despite their regular recurrence, each debt restructuring presents a unique set of challenges. Some recent developments in a range of different countries … Continue reading

4 November 2013 by Giselle Datz
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Brazil’s mounting challenges: ‘The Giant has Awakened’

Giselle Datz

The approach of next year’s soccer World Cup is putting the spotlight on Brazil at a crucial moment in its development As many watched Neymar’s skilful moves during FIFA’s Confederations Cup last month, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians were engaged in protests across the country. What started as a movement against increases in transportation fares soon became a more ambitious … Continue reading

23 July 2013 by Giselle Datz
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