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Jeremy Green, Honorary Research Fellow at SPERI & Lecturer in Politics, University of Bristol, and Scott Lavery, Doctoral Researcher at SPERI

QE, labour market restructuring and the ‘regressive recovery’

Jeremy Green and Scott Lavery

Cameron’s continuing ‘two nations’ governing strategy prepares the way for a further economic crisis When David Cameron emerged from 10 Downing Street on the morning of the 8 May, he proclaimed that he would lead a ‘one nation’ government – one whose guiding aim would be to ensure that ‘the recovery reaches all parts of our country’. There was nothing … Continue reading

9 June 2015 by Jeremy Green & Scott Lavery
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Counting the cost of the regressive recovery

Jeremy Green and Scott Lavery

The Coalition’s recovery has intensified deeply damaging distributional trends within Britain With GDP growth of 1.8 per cent in 2013, the growing consensus is that Britain’s long economic downturn has finally come to an end. Adding to this perception, last week wages outstripped inflation for the first time in over five years. These trends, along with positive employment figures, might … Continue reading

22 April 2014 by Jeremy Green & Scott Lavery
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