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Harry Pickard, Research Associate, Department of Economics, University of Sheffield

Does Congressional experience lead to US governors securing higher state funding?

New research shows that governors who have previously served in Congress prior to taking office as state governor increase the transfers to their state The years since the election of Donald Trump have been a rollercoaster in US politics. The mid-term elections take place on the 6th November and could make or break Trump’s presidency. Losing control of the House … Continue reading

19 October 2018 by Harry Pickard
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How the government’s pro-remain leaflet shaped the EU referendum

New research shows how the official government leaflet successfully changed voting behaviour in the referendum Since the 2016 EU referendum, ‘who voted for Brexit?’ has quickly become a compelling area of study for academics and the media alike. In spite of the growing attention, the impact of the government’s pro-remain leaflet on individual voting intentions is unaddressed. My new research … Continue reading

26 January 2018 by Harry Pickard
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