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Hayley Stevenson, Associate Fellow of SPERI & Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Sheffield

SPERI spotlight on the UN climate summit I

Hayley Stevenson

Democratising decarbonisation after the COP The long-awaited Paris climate summit is almost upon us. Much remains to be decided at this latest Conference of the Parties, or COP21, as the meeting is known in climate politics jargon, including financial support and compensation for vulnerable countries, emissions reporting and verification systems, and the legal form and status of the agreement. For … Continue reading

17 November 2015 by Hayley Stevenson
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What does a sustainable economy look like?

Hayley Stevenson

Research suggests the existence of no less than three distinct visions Few concepts have influenced the theory and practice of environmental governance quite as significantly as ‘sustainable development’.  Introduced by the Brundtland Commission in 1987, the term was quickly embraced in the global North and South by policy-makers and civil society alike.  Promising to reconcile environmental sustainability, social welfare and … Continue reading

3 March 2015 by Hayley Stevenson
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Sharing and caring: the answer to our economic and environmental woes?

Hayley Stevenson

Developing the sharing economy may be a key step towards building a more inclusive and sustainable future Business leaders, government officials, civil society and academics gathered in Paris earlier this month for the annual OECD Forum. The question up for debate this year was how to make our economies more resilient and inclusive. Given the organisation’s cold-war legacy (it was … Continue reading

29 May 2014 by Hayley Stevenson
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Stuck in dirty development

Hayley Stevenson

The G20 is stalling its commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, despite the need for immediate action Last week the world’s largest economies convened in the Russian city of St Petersburg in an effort to promote sustainable economic recovery and financial stability. This year’s G20 summit declaration reaffirmed the commitment to phase out inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels, but, … Continue reading

10 September 2013 by Hayley Stevenson
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