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Helen Thompson, Honorary Research Fellow, SPERI, Professor in Political Economy, University of Cambridge

2016 and the return of the nation-state

Whilst the turbulence of this year has caused political shocks the apparent resurgence of the nation-state should be no surprise Much of the political rhetoric that has been deployed during this period of political turbulence can make 2016 appear as the year the nation-state returned.  Yet for all the shock value associated with the year’s political events this apparent resurgence … Continue reading

21 December 2016 by Helen Thompson
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The Coming Crisis: we’re not in Kansas any more

Helen Thompson

In the surreal world of post-2008 financial markets and monetary policy ‘black swan’ events shouldn’t surprise us any more The western economic and political world that was in place before 2008 no longer exists and it is not coming back. In retrospect the last supposed boom of the middle years of the first decade of the twenty first century was … Continue reading

25 May 2016 by Helen Thompson
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The dirty little secret of the euro zone crisis: the German banks

Helen Thompson

Germany’s response to the crisis reflects its commitment to protect its own banks We are frequently told by supporters and critics of German economic policy alike that the future of the euro zone depends on the relationship of Germany’s economic success to other euro zone states.  In these terms a sustainable European currency requires either the export of the foundations … Continue reading

11 November 2013 by Helen Thompson
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The UK’s very dangerous banks

Helen Thompson

Banks are being asked to lead the recovery despite the fact that they continue to pose the biggest single threat to the British economy Probably nothing matters more for the immediate future of the UK economy than what is happening in the banking sector. In macro-economic policy terms most of the attention devoted to restoring growth to the economy has … Continue reading

7 May 2013 by Helen Thompson
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