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Jacqueline Best, SPERI Honorary Research Fellow & Professor of Political Studies, University of Ottawa

Why we need to stop letting economic crises go to waste

Jacqueline Best

Economic crises present opportunities to build a more equitable, effective society, but too often these opportunities are lost. There’s a popular adage that we should never let a good crisis go to waste. Yet, arguably, that’s what we’ve been doing for decades now. We’ve avoided facing the genuine political challenges that economic crises present us and lost these opportunities to … Continue reading

8 May 2018 by Jacqueline Best
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Don’t Panic! (At least not about inflation)

Jacqueline Best

Concerns about high inflation – a key narrative underpinning recent financial volatility – are highly suspect As financial markets have been showing their panicky side in the last few weeks, we’ve been hearing various accounts of what’s driving the volatility. One of the key narratives goes something like this: 1) wages are moving up in the United States, and 2) inflation is … Continue reading

22 March 2018 by Jacqueline Best
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Fat Cats in paradise: Why private wealth is a political issue

Jacqueline Best

The future of liberal democracy is threatened unless growing inequality and the culture of wealthy entitlement it creates are effectively tackled This year’s Fat Cat Thursday arrived on January 4 in the UK, reminding us that it just took three days for the CEOs of Britain’s big companies to earn more than an average worker will gain from an entire … Continue reading

15 January 2018 by Jacqueline Best
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Why we need better central bank accountability

Jacqueline Best

New reforms, underpinned by three basic principles, are needed to make central banks fully accountable As the Bank of England scrambles to respond to the economic shock of the Brexit vote, reducing the capital requirements for banks and preparing to raise interest rates once again, we are reminded once again of the power of central bankers and how much of … Continue reading

7 July 2016 by Jacqueline Best
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The Coming Crisis: the monetary policy credibility trap

Jacqueline Best

In the latest blog in SPERI’s series on ‘The Coming Crisis’ Jacqueline Best asks: what do central banks and governments do when exceptions to the monetary policy rules keep piling up? Quite a few commentators have noted that central bankers have become rather less boring of late. Since the 2008 financial crisis, central banks have taken on new roles and … Continue reading

20 April 2016 by Jacqueline Best
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Post-election prospects in Canada

Jacqueline Best

The Liberals have a chance to rectify their past economic mistakes by rebuilding the middle class After a decade under a Conservative leadership that actively undermined the government’s capacity to conduct research, Canadians last month elected a government that has promised to base its policies on evidence. Yet, if the new Liberal government wants to pay attention to the evidence, … Continue reading

16 November 2015 by Jacqueline Best
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