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Jason Heyes, Associate Fellow of SPERI & Professor of Employment Relations, University of Sheffield

After Brexit where next for UK employment rights?

Jason Heyes

The new Conservative government could rewrite employment rights, what happens now will depend on whether pragmatism or ideology prevails The potential consequences of Brexit for UK employment rights was a prominent issue in the debate that preceded the referendum.  Many employment entitlements are underpinned by European directives that establish a basic floor of rights for all EU and EEA member … Continue reading

14 July 2016 by Jason Heyes
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Back to a Trade Union Bill in the United Kingdom

Jason Heyes

The new majority Conservative government seems to be seeking to complete some of its unfinished business from the 1980s The Trade Union Bill, which is currently making its journey through the House of Lords, is the most controversial piece of industrial relations legislation introduced in the United Kingdom since the Conservative Party’s assault on trade unions in the 1980s and … Continue reading

2 December 2015 by Jason Heyes
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Job creation under the Coalition government

Jason Heyes

There is plenty of devil in the detail of its ‘1000 jobs a day’ claim Since George Osborne’s Autumn Statement in 2014, senior figures in the Coalition government (and particularly those from the Conservative Party) have repeatedly claimed that the government has created, on average, 1000 jobs for every day it has been in power. The statistic has been trotted … Continue reading

30 April 2015 by Jason Heyes
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Towards full employment in the UK?

Jason Heyes

George Osborne has promised full employment, but closer examination suggests a continuing lack of ambition In 1991 Norman Lamont, Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Conservative government, famously stated that, if unemployment was the price that had to be paid for reducing inflation, it was ‘well worth paying’. Lamont’s words entered the public consciousness and served mainly to reinforce the … Continue reading

13 May 2014 by Jason Heyes
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Will weaker employment rights lead to more and better jobs?

Jason Heyes

In the latest move to weaken protections for workers in the UK, businesses will be allowed to offer employees shares on condition that they give up key employment rights Last week the UK House of Commons voted in favour of a scheme that will enable businesses to offer prospective employees shares on the condition that they forego key employment rights. … Continue reading

29 April 2013 by Jason Heyes
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