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Placing bets on the climate

Jo Bates

Developments in ‘big data’ science and the weather risk industry are transforming the political economy of climate change The recent news story regarding Monsanto’s US$930million acquisition of the data science company, Climate Corporation, raises important questions about the form of political economy that is being developed in response to the challenge of climate instability. A new generation of data analytics … Continue reading

24 October 2013 by Jo Bates
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Opening up public data

Jo Bates

The growing debate over opening up public data raises serious political and economic questions about who gains and who loses from such a process Over recent years, the rules around the re-use of public sector datasets by third parties have become an increasingly contested policy issue in the UK and elsewhere. What’s more, it’s an issue that matters, or should … Continue reading

21 May 2013 by Jo Bates
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