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John Mathews, Former Visiting Fellow at SPERI & Professor of Strategic Management, Macquarie University, Sydney

Resource security and energy abundance

John Mathews

Unless Western countries intervene in their economies to build green energy and resource systems, they will continue to go down to defeat in this field to China Why is China becoming a renewable energy superpower – even as it becomes the world’s largest carbon emitter?  This is surely one of the more interesting and challenging questions in international political economy … Continue reading

28 May 2015 by John Mathews
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What does China’s renewable energy revolution mean?

John Mathews

Solar, wind and other renewable sources are now starting to offer a genuine, cost-effective alternative to complete reliance on fossil fuels China is known as the world’s largest user and producer of coal and the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  But China is also building the world’s largest renewable energy system – which by 2013 … Continue reading

20 August 2014 by John Mathews
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China’s emerging new development model

As China grows rapidly alongside India and Brazil, can rising living standards coexist with a sustainable green development model? China – and to some extent Brazil and India (which may be christened the BICs) – are staging a ‘Great Convergence’ in terms of industrial strength and incomes. This reverses the past two centuries of the Great Divergence which had separated … Continue reading

16 April 2013 by John Mathews
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