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Dilma Rousseff’s development dilemma

Jewellord Nem Singh

Can a fourth victory for the Workers’ Party secure Brazil’s state capitalism? Brazilians voted yesterday (26 October) for the incumbent Dilma Rousseff, securing the Workers’ Party (PT) its fourth electoral victory. In a very tight race with Aecio Neves of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PDSB), Rousseff won by a three per cent margin, indicating the fragility of her victory … Continue reading

27 October 2014 by Jewellord Nem Singh
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The resource boom: new developmental spaces or another race to the bottom?

Jewellord Nem Singh

Booming resource business in the global South may be opening up new possibilities for development strategies Whilst uncertainty over economic recovery remains pervasive in Europe and the United States, in other parts of the world one can hardly speak of an economic crisis. From the ‘BRICS’ to ‘rising Africa’ and the revival of the G20, we cannot deny the newfound … Continue reading

26 April 2013 by Jewellord Nem Singh
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