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Linda Weiss, SPERI Visiting Fellow and Professor Emeritus at the University of Sydney, Australia

The future of US techno-hegemony

Linda Weiss

Why and how ‘financialisation’ threatens innovation and enterprise in America Inc. It’s well known that the United States has led the world in breakthrough innovations. Think computers and software, aeronautics and communication satellites, biotechnology and the internet, to name a few.  Almost every radical innovation that we can think of in the postwar period has come out of the United … Continue reading

29 July 2014 by Linda Weiss
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The myth of free-market capitalism versus the rest

Linda Weiss

Successful development strategies have always involved proactive state intervention, mainstream thinking needs to start acknowledging this As governments rushed in to prop up collapsing economies in response to the 2008 financial meltdown, the myth of free-market capitalism was suddenly put to the test and found wanting.  But it’s been the rapid rise of China and other emerging giants, India and … Continue reading

15 January 2013 by Linda Weiss
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