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Mònica Clua Losada, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Texas

Building a different future out of a crisis of housing

Mònica Clua-Losada

The PAH, or ‘Platform of Those Affected by Mortgages’, has stirred a genuine social and political awakening in Spain The Great Recession has been generally devastating for many people in many different contexts.  In Spain, what appeared to start off as a financial crisis quickly spread to other areas of the economy leading (as in Ireland and the United States) … Continue reading

20 May 2015 by Mònica Clua Losada
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The Catalan democratic rebellion

Mònica Clua-Losada

A longstanding sense of unfinished business in the democratisation of Spain has moved to a new stage of crisis Just over a week ago, on 9 November, and coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world gazed at a small place on the North-East coast of the Iberian Peninsula.  In this place, over 2 … Continue reading

18 November 2014 by Mònica Clua Losada
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