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Muhammad Ali Nasir, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Analytics & International Business, Leeds Beckett University

TARGET2 imbalances and the stagnating political economy of Europe

A new approach is needed to respond to secular stagnation and imbalances in the Eurozone The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 and succeeding sovereign debt crisis is still making its impact felt in Europe in sluggish growth and high unemployment, particularly in the periphery. Despite, apparently buoyant and benign growth in 2017 and the glittering figure 0.6% in the … Continue reading

8 February 2018 by Muhammad Ali Nasir
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A critique of proposed solutions to the German trade surplus

Germany’s large trade surplus, especially with the US, has become a significant political issue, but remedying the situation is not straightforward Large trade imbalances have political implications and are very often exploited for political gains. This is certainly true of Germany’s gigantic, and controversial, trade surplus, which in 2016 was around €270 billion ($297 billion) or 8.6% of Germany’s annual … Continue reading

22 November 2017 by Muhammad Ali Nasir
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Forecasting inflation amid uncertainty: have we forgotten the dog and the frisbee?

The Bank of England’s inflation forecasts in the period since the Brexit vote have been largely inaccurate – is this because the Bank has forgotten the rule of thumb championed by its own chief economist? This is the fifth post in our series on the impact of uncertainty on social science It is hard to prophecise, particularly about the future. … Continue reading

18 October 2017 by Muhammad Ali Nasir
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