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Brexit, the PIIGS, and the eurozone crisis

Neil Dooley

Misleading narratives on the causes of the eurozone crisis have played into the hands of those campaigning for Brexit The eurozone crisis has played into the hands of those campaigning for Brexit. Whilst, fanciful headlines on ‘federal Europe plots’ and gushingly Eurocentric hot-takes have dominated the referendum campaign, those who have been paying attention to the fates of countries like … Continue reading

21 June 2016 by Neil Dooley
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Bad things can still happen to ‘good pupils’ in the Eurozone

Neil Dooley

Portugal’s aspirant ‘good behaviour’ has contributed not only to its recent political crisis, but also its longstanding economic woes Portugal’s political elites, such as Luís Marques Guedes, are often eager to let the world know that they are the hardworking ‘ants’ of Aesop’s fable, while ‘the Greeks are grass-hoppers’ who have failed to plan for the future.  In a thematically … Continue reading

9 December 2015 by Neil Dooley
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The real political economy of Ireland

Neil Dooley

Contrary to official EU claims, Ireland tells a cautionary tale, undeserving of its current poster-child status As Greece has been gradually and then suddenly disintegrating, the European Union has recruited Ireland as its pin-up for austerity.  Patronising images of Greece as the eurozone’s impetulant child are communicated by European political figures with ever diminishing subtlety.  In contrast, Ireland is held … Continue reading

2 September 2015 by Neil Dooley
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