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The Coming Crisis: The migrant crisis and the future of the European project

Nicola Phillips

The economic, political and social consequences of failing to respond effectively to the migrant crisis risk accelerating European disintegration Digesting the relentless news stories about the devastating numbers of lives lost in the Mediterranean, the living conditions endured by the human beings seeking passage into and across Europe, and the increasingly incoherent political responses of European leaders, there can be … Continue reading

8 June 2016 by Nicola Phillips
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Global value chains: Why the Fuss?

Nicola Phillips

We need to decide how best to govern global value chains, as they become ever more important to the global economy The idea of global value chains (GVCs) seems, finally, to have caught on in global policy debates. It was the featured concept of the 2013 World Investment Report, released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) … Continue reading

21 August 2013 by Nicola Phillips
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Horse meat, tax, human labour conditions – in that order?

Nicola Phillips

The horsemeat scandal and corporate tax evasion have caused a huge public outcry, so why do stories of terrible working conditions go largely unnoticed? Like others, in recent weeks I have been moved to reflect on how, in comparison with the depth of outrage about horsemeat’s infiltration of beef production in the UK, the issue of labour conditions in supply … Continue reading

3 April 2013 by Nicola Phillips
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The underbelly of the global economy

Nicola Phillips

Labour exploitation is the rotten root of the global economy, and we need a broader and tougher approach than is currently on the cards to deal with it Few can have failed to notice the slew of stories in recent weeks on a common theme: the prevalence of labour exploitation within the global economy. The stories are harrowing. They include … Continue reading

29 November 2012 by Nicola Phillips
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