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Richard Jones, Associate Fellow of SPERI, Professor of Physics, University of Sheffield

Towards a coherent industrial strategy for the UK

Richard Jones

The new report by Industrial Strategy Commission sets out positive principles that can be the foundations for a new UK industrial strategy What should a modern industrial strategy for the UK look like? Last week the Industrial Strategy Commission, of which I’m a member, published its interim report – Laying the Foundations – which sets out some positive principles which we suggest … Continue reading

19 July 2017 by Richard Jones
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Innovation, research and the UK’s productivity crisis

Richard Jones

Continuing on our current path of stagnating productivity and stagnating innovation isn’t inevitable: it’s a political choice The UK is in the midst of an unprecedented peacetime slowdown in productivity growth.  Labour productivity – the economic output produced per hour worked – has, for many decades, grown steadily at 2.3% a year.  All that changed in 2007, since when it … Continue reading

23 September 2015 by Richard Jones
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Rebuilding the UK’s innovation economy

Richard Jones

Three steps could be taken immediately by the present or a future UK government The weak link in the UK’s innovation economy is that too little is spent by the private sector on research and development.  As a fraction of GDP, this spending now stands at 1.09%, compared to Germany, say, at 1.94%.   The UK’s investment is dwarfed to an … Continue reading

11 November 2014 by Richard Jones
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The failures of supply-side innovation policy

Richard Jones

Longstanding deficiencies in Britain’s innovation policy are hampering our efforts to return to growth Technological innovation is the major source of long-term growth in developed economies.  In the UK we’re now in the most persistent period of slow or no growth this century.  So what is the role of technological innovation – or the lack of it – in the … Continue reading

10 May 2013 by Richard Jones
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