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The final frontier? Promise and risk in Iran’s emerging market

Richard Woodward

Iran’s huge economic potential comes with significant risk. Foreign companies are engaging but only at arm’s length. The announcement of Iran’s preliminary nuclear deal in July 2015 and the subsequent easing of sanctions augured a brighter economic outlook for the former pariah state. Commentaries hailing Iran as ‘the billion dollar growth opportunity’ and the ‘best emerging market for years to … Continue reading

16 October 2017 by Richard Woodward
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Rising powers to the rescue? The future of the liberal economic international order

Richard Woodward

Those touting China and other rising powers as saviours of the liberal economic international order are likely to be disappointed Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States has sponsored a series of obituaries for the liberal economic international order the US has championed since the 1940s.  In truth the retreat of the liberal international order predates Trump’s arrival … Continue reading

7 February 2017 by Richard Woodward
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The OECD: more than just a think tank

Richard Woodward

Misleading portrayals of the OECD understate the importance of this leading international organisation Compared with the attention lavished on annual meetings of the IMF, World Bank and WTO, those of the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) normally pass with minimal comment.  Commencing on 5th May, ‘OECD week 2014’ bucked this trend by placing this inconspicuous global institution under … Continue reading

27 May 2014 by Richard Woodward
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New institutions but old ideas: the story of the UK’s new regulatory regime for financial services

Richard Woodward

Perpetuation of a failed regulatory philosophy means more City crises and scandals On 1 April 2013 the Financial Services Act 2012 came into force, creating a new framework for UK financial services regulation. Under its reforms the Bank of England, and specifically a new Financial Policy Committee (FPC), assumed overall responsibility for monitoring and responding to threats to financial stability. … Continue reading

2 July 2013 by Richard Woodward
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