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Robbie Pye, Doctoral Researcher, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield

Labour and 2020 – looking forward, not back

The current polls are poor but electoral success will rely on a mass mobilisation campaign and increasing voter turnout There have been a number of opinion pieces and blogs recently that have presented a very negative outlook on Labour’s chances at the general election in 2020. Glen O’Hara’s recent blog for SPERI drew on current and historic polling data to … Continue reading

2 March 2016 by Robbie Pye
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A clash of two projects: fundamental rights and the European Monetary Union

Robbie Pye

The EU could re-introduce fundamental rights into the governance of the Eurozone merely by holding to commitments it has already made Over the last five years the response to the Eurozone crisis has given rise to a framework of governance that has become increasingly hostile to domestic social standards.  Yet, in the decade prior to this, the EU went through … Continue reading

15 October 2015 by Robbie Pye
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Global capitalism and the rule of law

Robbie Pye

Christopher May bridges the disciplinary divide between law and political economy to deliver a clear and compelling account of the idea of the rule of law in global politics The ‘rule of law’ has become increasingly frequent and unquestioned in the lexicon of global politics.  Yet, as Christopher May points out in The Rule of Law: The Common Sense of … Continue reading

10 December 2014 by Robbie Pye
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