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Sarah Brown, Associate Fellow of SPERI and Professor of Economics, University of Sheffield

The complexity of securing a pay rise for Britain

Sarah Brown

The collection of essays recently published by the Resolution Foundation offers a range of innovative solutions In the context of signs of economic recovery, the recent publication of a collection of short essays by the Resolution Foundation that explore a wide range of themes related to securing wage recovery in Britain is both timely and welcome.  Given the well-documented, recent … Continue reading

16 July 2015 by Sarah Brown
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The national minimum wage: more than setting a wage floor

Sarah Brown

The current focus on the level of the national minimum wage provides an opportunity to consider a wider range of issues associated with low pay Labour’s pledge to increase the national minimum wage to over £8 an hour by 2020 was announced just a week or so before the next increase in the adult national minimum wage comes into effect … Continue reading

30 September 2014 by Sarah Brown
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Never mind the number: what about the job quality?

Sarah Brown

The latest ONS figures need proper interrogation to understand what they really reveal about Britain’s labour market The fall in the number of people in Britain claiming jobseekers allowance reported in the Department of Work and Pensions press release on 20th October 2013 appears to be welcome news. However, the focus on aggregate statistics about the quantity of jobs masks … Continue reading

6 November 2013 by Sarah Brown
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