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Timothy J. Sinclair, Visiting Fellow at SPERI and Associate Professor of International Political Economy at the University of Warwick

The joy and the benefit of fieldwork

By actually meeting and listening to people in New York I learnt much about how important the rating agencies were to the financial crisis, and how little has since changed in their world What is it that distinguishes an academic from a school teacher?  For me the defining feature is that we create knowledge.  That can be by reinterpreting a … Continue reading

28 March 2014 by Timothy J Sinclair
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Blowing bubbles

A booming property market is transforming life in New York City and reviving a price bubble that threatens future stability I have been coming to New York City regularly since 1990. The city has changed a lot in that time. For most of these years my major task has been research on Wall Street. I’ve met a lot of interesting … Continue reading

6 March 2014 by Timothy J Sinclair
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Should we care about Moody’s?

Our reliance upon credit ratings agencies could prove very damaging to the global economy The recent downgrade of the UK’s AAA sovereign credit rating by Moody’s Investors Service highlights the continuing influence of credit rating agencies. They are among the most puzzling institutions of our times. The raters became a focus of political and media attention during the Asian financial … Continue reading

28 February 2013 by Timothy J Sinclair
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