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Building up the bundle of sticks. New ideas for union organising

A new mini-series of blogs, published by SPERI and openDemocracy, will present new ideas for how unions can organise and engage with the workforce. “A trade union is like a bundle of sticks. The workers are bound together and have the strength of unity … A worker who is not in a union is like a single stick. She can … Continue reading

5 June 2018 by Tom Hunt
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Same as it ever was? Labour rights and worker organisation in the modern economy

SPERI and openDemocracy launch new series of articles on labour and work in the 21st century economy The ‘gig economy’.  Platform-working.  On-demand apps and algorithmic monitoring.  Outside of some policy, technology and academic circles these terms will draw blank looks from most people.  Yet ask people if they have heard of Uber, Deliveroo or TaskRabbit and the recognition will be … Continue reading

6 April 2017 by Tom Hunt
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Picking winners – Nissan and industrial strategy

Nissan’s announcement and questions about a deal show why the government must quickly set out a clear industrial strategy plan Industrial policy is back.  On the eve of becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May stated that the UK needs ‘A proper industrial strategy to get the whole economy firing’.  By the end of the same week she’d created the new Business, … Continue reading

1 November 2016 by Tom Hunt
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Who governs local economies?

Cities like Sheffield need more skilled jobs, but delivering them has to be both a national and a local priority SPERI’s latest Brief provides a snapshot assessment of three English city-region economies – Sheffield, Brighton and Oxford – in the period since the financial crisis.  The Brief highlights significant differences between Sheffield City Region’s economy and the two southern regions, … Continue reading

24 November 2015 by Tom Hunt
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