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Revisiting the developmental state 5: India and Brazil in the 21st century

Valbona Muzaka

Real and credible development in these countries means pursuing knowledge social economy visions that are genuinely autochthonous Focusing on India and Brazil in the context of renewed discussion of the developmental state may raise some eyebrows.  For, unlike the successful catch-up of Japan and other East Asian ‘tigers’ with which that concept and its more recent reiterations have been associated, … Continue reading

24 October 2017 by Valbona Muzaka
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Austerity in the tropics

Valbona Muzaka

Despite growing protests Michel Temer’s government is set to embed austerity into Brazil’s constitution and risk unwinding the social progress of recent decades A new joke is making the rounds in Brazil, in which an employee about to retire submits all the relevant documents and receives the distressing reply that the death certificate is missing. The joke is prompted by … Continue reading

15 December 2016 by Valbona Muzaka
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What next for Brazil’s healthcare experiment?

Valbona Muzaka

A return to neoliberal policies could threaten the future of universal healthcare in Brazil It is impossible to tell what the final outcome of President Rousseff’s impeachment process will be. With less difficulty, the crisis that has engulfed the Brazilian executive can be seen as the outcome of a political manoeuvre – not even a very sophisticated one at that … Continue reading

24 May 2016 by Valbona Muzaka
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Who is Marina Silva?

Valbona Muzaka

Possibly Brazil’s next president, she is a perplexing mix of contradictory social and political characteristics Endless polls record compulsively the distance between Brazilian voters’ preference for the incumbent Dilma Rousseff of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) and her most prominent challenger, Marina Silva of the Partido Socialista Brasileiro (PSB).  They suggest that Silva could potentially win the race for Brazil’s … Continue reading

2 October 2014 by Valbona Muzaka
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The ‘national interest’ test in the Pfizer – Astra Zeneca takeover bid

Valbona Muzaka

Patients and taxpayers should be central to any decision about the future of the pharmaceutical sector Pfizer’s withdrawal of its offer to buy AstraZeneca on Monday 26th May brought to a close a highly-politicised takeover proposal that could have been the largest foreign takeover in British business history. The political storm surrounding the bid was not surprising. Governments everywhere, even … Continue reading

24 June 2014 by Valbona Muzaka
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What India does matters in intellectual property

Valbona Muzaka

Court decisions in India are setting important precedents for the future of intellectual property It does not happen often that a court decision, especially that of a court in a developing country, is anticipated, scrutinised and reported so widely as was the case with the decision made by the Indian Supreme Court in April 2013.  The Supreme Court rejected the … Continue reading

4 July 2013 by Valbona Muzaka
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Who is afraid of copyright?

Valbona Muzaka

Around the world knowledge is being enclosed and the struggle for public access is intensifying I became aware of the link between the recent suicide of Aaron Swartz in the US, the Finch Report  adopted by the UK Government and the legal troubles of the Rameshwari Photocopy Services in Delhi while on a research trip to India. That link is … Continue reading

26 February 2013 by Valbona Muzaka
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Cigarettes, health and political economy

Valbona Muzaka

All eyes should be on the new WTO dispute with Australia As many of us would have noticed in our supermarkets, cigarette packs are no longer on display.  This is the most recent move to control and limit tobacco consumption and associated health concerns. The UK is neither the first nor the only country to move in this direction, with … Continue reading

14 December 2012 by Valbona Muzaka
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