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When in Russia, do as the Russians do?

Putin’s system of control requires businesses constantly to negotiate challenging formal and informal rules of the game The collapse of the command economy and the gradual opening up of large and potentially fruitful markets in the Russian Federation has led to a steady influx of foreign firms seeking to operate within the business milieu of post-Soviet Russia. Twenty-five years on … Continue reading

19 May 2015 by
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Small island states, tax havens and tourism: what price their development?

It is important to consider the damaging environmental consequences of the common association of offshore finance with large numbers of short-term visitors In a previous post I addressed the issue of those small states which have deliberately manipulated their sovereignty and jurisdictional autonomy to play host to a number of offshore financial centres (OFCs) as a means of meeting their … Continue reading

4 February 2015 by
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Rebuilding the UK’s innovation economy

Richard Jones

Three steps could be taken immediately by the present or a future UK government The weak link in the UK’s innovation economy is that too little is spent by the private sector on research and development.  As a fraction of GDP, this spending now stands at 1.09%, compared to Germany, say, at 1.94%.   The UK’s investment is dwarfed to an … Continue reading

11 November 2014 by
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What’s really at stake in the renationalisation of the railways?

Jeremy Green

Renationalisation might spook big business but it represents a welcome injection of legitimacy into a maligned public sphere The state of Britain’s railways has long been a bee in the public bonnet.  There are very good reasons for this preoccupation.  Ever since the decision to privatise the railways in 1993, costs have spiralled amidst a general perception that the quality … Continue reading

24 July 2014 by
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Exploring North-South issues in the political economy of England

Tony Payne

The HS2 rail project is underpinned by a flawed political economy that needs challenging Over the years I’ve written a lot about North-South issues in the global political economy. Yet, until now, I’ve never said a word about North-South issues in England, my own country of birth and residence. But the more I think about the way this debate is … Continue reading

20 May 2014 by
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Placing bets on the climate

Jo Bates

Developments in ‘big data’ science and the weather risk industry are transforming the political economy of climate change The recent news story regarding Monsanto’s US$930million acquisition of the data science company, Climate Corporation, raises important questions about the form of political economy that is being developed in response to the challenge of climate instability. A new generation of data analytics … Continue reading

24 October 2013 by
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Why entrepreneurs will not save the world

Owen Parker

Governments have championed ‘entrepreneurs’ as figures capable of reviving stagnant economies and alleviating social problems. But who are they, and are they worth celebrating? Forbes Magazine recently published an article entitled ‘Why entrepreneurs will save the world’ which was written by the author of a book with the sub-title, ‘Embrace Uncertainty and Create the Future’.  Celebratory pro-entrepreneurship language of this … Continue reading

30 May 2013 by
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