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China and the UK’s EU membership: questions beyond the referendum

Despite the increasingly important UK-China economic ties strong Chinese opposition to ‘Brexit’ has been ignored Whilst President Obama publicly weighed into the referendum debate in the UK, offering a strong defence of the UK staying in, we know little about what other states, including emerging powers like China and India, think. This is surprising – the ‘Leave’ campaign has made … Continue reading

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The Steel Crisis: Government, Multinationals and Regional Imbalance

Ewan Gibbs

Concerns about regional economies mean that even in an increasingly financialised and globalised steel sector the government is maintaining stewardship responsibilities Steel, the essential raw material widely understood as the precondition for industrial development, has been thrust into the centre of the debate about the UK’s economic future by the threatened closure of the last major basic mills. Into the … Continue reading

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The Coming Crisis: Is the long-predicted crisis in China finally coming?

Matthew Bishop

A gathering storm is visible on the Chinese horizon, yet the country seems better prepared to ride it out than many predict. China has apparently been on the cusp of a crisis for decades. In the 1990s, as industrialisation gathered momentum, neoliberal economists regularly advocated ‘shock therapy’ of the kind undertaken disastrously by Russia as a way of staving it … Continue reading

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‘I want to take you to China…’ Culture at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse

Manchester’s cultural and sporting brand is increasingly important in attracting global investment to the city Much of the discussion about ‘DevoManc’, or the Northern Powerhouse agenda, has so far overlooked one important element. The significance of the role of popular culture in shaping and enhancing the profile of Manchester as a global city – and thus enhancing the argument for … Continue reading

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What next for China: Great Wall or Bridging the Gap?

Sir Keith Burnett

As he prepares to meet President Xi, the University’s Vice-Chancellor reflects on what China’s questions about its future mean for the political economy of the West In his speech to both Houses of Parliament during this week’s visit to the UK by President Xi Jinping, he began, as is the Chinese way, by paying tribute to those who came far … Continue reading

22 October 2015 by
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Resource security and energy abundance

John Mathews

Unless Western countries intervene in their economies to build green energy and resource systems, they will continue to go down to defeat in this field to China Why is China becoming a renewable energy superpower – even as it becomes the world’s largest carbon emitter?  This is surely one of the more interesting and challenging questions in international political economy … Continue reading

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The G20 and China

The decision to hold the 2016 summit in China creates both opportunities and challenges in relation to the prospect of a new phase of Asian global leadership On the last day of the G20 summit held in Brisbane last November, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that an ‘overwhelming number of G20 members’ had supported the choice of China as … Continue reading

18 March 2015 by
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Capitalism, greening and political economy

Matthew Patterson

China and other countries in the global South are leading the way in the uptake of renewable energy and the pursuit of green growth Hints that we maybe undergoing profound transformations in capitalism as it grapples with the unprecedented challenge of taking the fossil fuels out of the global economy are rapidly becoming clearer.  In our book Climate Capitalism, published … Continue reading

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Global currency shifts and the City of London

Jeremy Green

The internationalisation of the renminbi reinforces some of the peculiarities of British development For the US dollar the global financial crisis of 2007-8 represented something of a paradox.  On the one hand, it revealed the vulnerability of the huge US debt market and deep instabilities within an American growth model beset by staggering imbalances.  These factors point towards a long-term … Continue reading

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Mega-regional trade deals in the Asia-Pacific

Jeffrey Wilson

The governments of this region are choosing between competing visions for the regional trade system The regional trade system in the Asia-Pacific is at a cross-road.  After negotiating many bilateral free trade agreements during the 2000s, the last few years has seen the emergence of two new ‘mega-regional’ trade deals – the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the ASEAN-centred Regional … Continue reading

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What does China’s renewable energy revolution mean?

John Mathews

Solar, wind and other renewable sources are now starting to offer a genuine, cost-effective alternative to complete reliance on fossil fuels China is known as the world’s largest user and producer of coal and the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  But China is also building the world’s largest renewable energy system – which by 2013 … Continue reading

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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Yong Wang and Gregory Chin

Prospects for a China-led Institution In October 2013 China’s new political leadership announced its proposal to create a new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). While the international media have come to this story recently, authorities in Beijing have been mulling over China-led regional investment arrangements for Asia for at least five years.  They are aware of the global gap in … Continue reading

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A life of (global) meaning – in memory of Professor Norman Girvan

Gregory Chin

Norman Girvan’s life and work have made an enduring contribution to the political economy of the world Life has a way of presenting opportunities when we least expect.  A dear friend’s invitation to visit the University of the West Indies, in Trinidad, in February 2008 gave me the unexpected opportunity, and lasting memory, of meeting Norman Girvan. I was introduced … Continue reading

1 May 2014 by
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Visibilities, invisibilities and ‘spaces of labour control’ in Asia

Juanita Elias

The mistreatment of migrant labour has become central to Asian development strategies and needs increasingly to be tackled Late last year, it was reported that the infamously authoritarian city state of Singapore had experienced its first riot in over 40 years as migrant workers expressed their frustration following the knocking-down of an Indian national by a bus.  Earlier, in 2012, … Continue reading

7 February 2014 by
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China’s emerging new development model

As China grows rapidly alongside India and Brazil, can rising living standards coexist with a sustainable green development model? China – and to some extent Brazil and India (which may be christened the BICs) – are staging a ‘Great Convergence’ in terms of industrial strength and incomes. This reverses the past two centuries of the Great Divergence which had separated … Continue reading

16 April 2013 by
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