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The G20 and China

The decision to hold the 2016 summit in China creates both opportunities and challenges in relation to the prospect of a new phase of Asian global leadership On the last day of the G20 summit held in Brisbane last November, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that an ‘overwhelming number of G20 members’ had supported the choice of China as … Continue reading

18 March 2015 by
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Turkish delight

Tony Payne

The Presidency of the G20 has now passed to Turkey, but the global political economy looks like remaining dangerously under-governed Did you know that, on 1 December 2014, the Presidency of the G20, the world’s self-proclaimed ‘premier forum for our international economic co-operation’, passed to Turkey?  Are you aware that the global political economy’s new leader in this respect is … Continue reading

17 February 2015 by
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The changing political economy of oil

Tony Payne

The recent big fall in price creates some space for new thinking, but also poses questions to which we don’t have answers The price of oil has been falling.  Last Friday the price of a barrel of Brent crude, the standard benchmark, dropped to US$61.85, its lowest figure since July 2009.  It was as high as US$115 in June this … Continue reading

16 December 2014 by
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The end of the G8

Tony Payne

Russia’s expulsion from the G8 concludes a transitional phase in the governance of the global political economy Tomorrow the leaders of the G8 group of countries should have been meeting in the Black Sea resort of Sochi in Russia in what would have been the latest in a long line of such summits dating back to 1998.  But, instead, with … Continue reading

3 June 2014 by
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Stuck in dirty development

Hayley Stevenson

The G20 is stalling its commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, despite the need for immediate action Last week the world’s largest economies convened in the Russian city of St Petersburg in an effort to promote sustainable economic recovery and financial stability. This year’s G20 summit declaration reaffirmed the commitment to phase out inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels, but, … Continue reading

10 September 2013 by
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The G20 as a ‘global steering committee’?

Tony Payne

The new global political economy needs steering and the G20, despite faults, is our best bet to do the job Globalisation is a ubiquitous term in the new political economy. Some see it as opening up opportunities for national and regional economies, while others suggest that it constrains and denies them. It’s a debate that’s longstanding and far from concluded. … Continue reading

4 December 2012 by
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