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The flawed utopianism of the SDG process

Graham Harrison

Everything is premised on an unrealistic understanding of the structures and dynamics of the global political economy Thomas Pogge and Mitu Sengupta set the scene for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as ‘that cosmopolis of the future whose foundations are now being shaped’, offering more than a hint of utopian thinking. The foundations to which the authors refer are the … Continue reading

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Land leasing vs property tax?

Tom Goodfellow

African governments, and their international advisors, need to join up their thinking more effectively when pursuing ‘big urban reform’ Tax is back in fashion in international development circles.  We know that in the history of much of the world developing taxation systems was virtually synonymous with state-building; we believe that taxation enhances accountability and builds the ‘social contract’; and consequently … Continue reading

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ALBA: an important but poorly understood regional project

Asa Cusack

Economic and political problems in Venezuela now threaten many of the real achievements of this alternative mode of regionalism in Latin America and the Caribbean Venezuela has an abundance of oil and a lack of doctors.  Cuba has an abundance of doctors and a lack of oil.  On 14 December 2004, the two countries launched the Bolivarian Alliance for the … Continue reading

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Big houses, hotels and increasingly expensive gorillas!

Pritish Behuria and Tom Goodfellow

The vision of a service-sector led ‘developmental state’ drives the government of Rwanda, but is proving hard to sustain Amid stories of ‘Africa Rising’, the idea of the developmental state is receiving attention again.  The concept was coined by Chalmers Johnson in his study of Japanese industrial policy.  It was later applied to a range of East Asian countries, each … Continue reading

11 December 2014 by
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The British crisis and the ‘end of neoliberalism’

Pia Riggirozzi and Jean Grugel

There are many useful lessons to be learnt from the Latin American debate about ‘post-neoliberal’ political economy The crisis in British politics, from the slow, partial and uneven economic recovery to the exhaustion of the Westminster model in the wake of the Scottish referendum, is in the news. Academic commentary following the financial crisis in 2007-8 has focused on political … Continue reading

19 November 2014 by
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Unpacking the 2013 Human Development Index

The UNDP claims ‘the Rise of the South’ is having a significant impact on economic growth and societal change In a notable challenge to the gloom of recession in the West and all the continuing and, indeed scarcely unjustified, talk of continuing crisis, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) recently published its 2013 Human Development Report (HDR) under the arresting … Continue reading

16 May 2013 by
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The global land grab

Going back to the intellectual roots of IPE is instructive for understanding today’s global land politics The numbers are truly astounding. The Land Matrix Partnership estimates that over 200 million hectares  of land were sold, leased, licensed or put under negotiation between 2000 and 2010. This is eight times the size of the UK. Critics have dubbed this the ‘global … Continue reading

14 May 2013 by
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Trade unions, free trade and the problem of transnational solidarity

Andreas Bieler

Successfully contesting neoliberal globalisation will require more transnational solidarity between trade unions Tensions between European trade unions and unions from the Global South over international free trade developed into open confrontation during talks over the revival of the Doha round of World Trade Organization (WTO) talks in 2008. The European Metal Workers Federation (EMF) and the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association … Continue reading

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