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Inequality and politics in the neo-gilded age: a view from the United States

Stephanie Mudge

Can mainstream political parties reverse the tide? There is much talk about wealth and income inequality nowadays.  Here in the US inequality has now reached levels that look a lot like a neo-gilded age.  The concern, for many, is perhaps less inequality per se, but rather whether it is here to stay (the short answer is yes, unless we change … Continue reading

29 January 2015 by
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Why Political Economy?

Tony Payne

The global crisis is both economic and political. But economics and politics on their own won’t help us understand it Why set up a new blog to host debate about issues of political economy?  Why establish a new university-based research institute – SPERI- focused upon the study of political economy? The answer comes in two parts.  The first is that the … Continue reading

5 November 2012 by
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