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Paul Romer on mathiness and orthodox economics methodology

Matthew Watson

Recent criticisms of the mathiness of many economists has raised the question within the blogosphere of whether a fundamental fault-line has now punctured economics orthodoxy Over the course of the summer Paul Romer has set the economics blogs alight with his accusation regarding the so-called mathiness of many of his peers.  We can be pretty sure that this is not … Continue reading

16 September 2015 by
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What does a sustainable economy look like?

Hayley Stevenson

Research suggests the existence of no less than three distinct visions Few concepts have influenced the theory and practice of environmental governance quite as significantly as ‘sustainable development’.  Introduced by the Brundtland Commission in 1987, the term was quickly embraced in the global North and South by policy-makers and civil society alike.  Promising to reconcile environmental sustainability, social welfare and … Continue reading

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The joy and the benefit of fieldwork

By actually meeting and listening to people in New York I learnt much about how important the rating agencies were to the financial crisis, and how little has since changed in their world What is it that distinguishes an academic from a school teacher?  For me the defining feature is that we create knowledge.  That can be by reinterpreting a … Continue reading

28 March 2014 by
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