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What should Labour do now?

Colin Hay

Rejecting death by 1000 cuts and proposing alternatives With the crisis persisting and the election drawing nearer Labour faces its most serious challenge in recent years.  The questions are simple: how to engage the Coalition on the economy? What can it offer the electorate? Should it challenge the established consensus on the crisis and reject austerity? Understanding the crisis is … Continue reading

21 February 2013 by
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Politicising the cost of borrowing

Colin Hay

Why should mortgage lenders be recapitalising the banking sector? It is time to refocus and redirect the public’s anger at the banking sector whose malpractices were integral to the crisis from which we are still reeling. Thus far the public discourse has concentrated on the bonus and risk culture that developed in investment banking in particular before the crash. But … Continue reading

9 January 2013 by
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