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Reforming FIFA?

Matthew Bishop

The issue lays bare the broader trade-offs between democracy, efficiency and legitimacy that epitomise global governance One of the most remarkable outcomes of the corruption scandal that has engulfed the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the rapidity with which its formerly impenetrable headquarters in Zurich has come to resemble a fetid goldfish bowl, the inhabitants of which finally … Continue reading

16 June 2015 by
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The Premier League television bonanza

Wyn Grant

Opinions differ as to whether this represents the market economy at its worst or its most competitive The amount paid by broadcasters for three years of Premier League television rights from 2016-17 exceeded all expectations.   Sky and BT agreed to pay £5.16bn over the period: three years ago they paid just £3bn for the rights.   Sky is spending … Continue reading

17 March 2015 by
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Brazil’s mounting challenges: ‘The Giant has Awakened’

Giselle Datz

The approach of next year’s soccer World Cup is putting the spotlight on Brazil at a crucial moment in its development As many watched Neymar’s skilful moves during FIFA’s Confederations Cup last month, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians were engaged in protests across the country. What started as a movement against increases in transportation fares soon became a more ambitious … Continue reading

23 July 2013 by
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Is there a political economy of football?

Football often likes to see itself as a world apart from society and politics, but it is susceptible to political economy analysis The ‘world of football’ and ‘football people’ are terms often used in discussions of the game of football.   They signify a wish for football to regulate itself and to deal as little as possible with societal forces outside … Continue reading

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