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Rio and the surreal: The 2016 Olympic Games in a ‘glocal’ context

Giselle Datz

Paradoxically ritualistic and idiosyncratic, the Rio Olympics are set against a background of perplexing global and local dynamics which converge around the challenge of resilience. Olympic Games reveal an inherent paradox.  They are part of a recurrent and ritualistic tradition, not only in terms of their peace and brotherhood ideals, but also in some of their bureaucratic procedures.  Locations are … Continue reading

11 August 2016 by
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The G20 and China

The decision to hold the 2016 summit in China creates both opportunities and challenges in relation to the prospect of a new phase of Asian global leadership On the last day of the G20 summit held in Brisbane last November, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that an ‘overwhelming number of G20 members’ had supported the choice of China as … Continue reading

18 March 2015 by
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Brazil over troubled waters

Giselle Datz

Corruption, economic decline and distrust mark the end of 2014 in Brazil More than 2 million people, dressed in white, welcomed the New Year by the ocean on Copacabana beach in Rio.  They were hardly asleep when festivities for the (re)-inauguration of Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, were set under way in Brasilia.  For many Brazilians, the familiar New Year celebrations … Continue reading

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The rise of the BRICS?

Matthew Bishop

Is rapid development in a handful of large and increasingly powerful countries transforming the global economy? Or is ‘BRICS’ just a catchy slogan? The world is undergoing a deep and protracted process of change, with power shifting from ‘the West’ to ‘the East’. In both academic and more popular literature, commentators are suggesting that we are seeing the  ‘rise’ of … Continue reading

22 November 2012 by
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