About SPERI Comment

SPERI brings together leading international researchers in the social sciences, policy makers, journalists and opinion formers to lead the debate for a new political economy.

The SPERI Comment blog exists to provide an online space for this debate to take place, and to share expertise and analysis from leading academics and commentators with a public audience.

Blogs address theoretical, historical and policy-related themes in political economy that are relevant to contemporary debates and public policy issues.

Articles and comments posted on the blog reflect the views of the author(s) and not the position of SPERI or of the University of Sheffield.

If you like what you read on SPERI Comment, then please share it widely via email and social media. You can also comment on the blog posts, please see guidance on commenting below.

Writing for SPERI Comment

We are keen to attract new contributors to SPERI Comment and so welcome submissions for new thought-provoking and debate-inspiring blogs.

If you are thinking of submitting a post, please read the following style guidelines and notes first.

Style guidelines

  • Keep your argument clear and use accessible language. This doesn’t mean avoiding complex issues, but write clearly without using jargon, whether technical or academic. Reading other blogs on SPERI Comment will help you to get a sense of the right style and tone.
  • The best blogs set out their main argument or analysis early on. Don’t save your key points until the end.
  • Please provide a title that gives a short, simple description of the blog. It is also helpful if you can include a subtitle which expands on the theme and argument of the blog.
  • Make sure that your blog is broken up into small, digestible paragraphs (aim for three to four sentences) that are clearly laid out.
  • Blogs should fall within the range of 800-1100 words in length.
  • Unlike academic publications, SPERI blogs do not use formal ‘citation’ references e.g. footnotes. References to sources that you have used should be provided as hyperlinks.

Notes for contributors

  • If you are a student and would like to submit a proposal, please note that apart from exceptional circumstances, we will only accept submissions from students at PhD level.
  • SPERI does not take responsibility for copyright infringements, so please make sure that any images used in your blog are copyright-free or have been permitted for use.
  • SPERI Comment is primarily an academic blog and we avoid blogs which reflect partisan political allegiances. Contributors are encouraged to make political arguments, but shouldn’t explicitly align themselves with a particular political party.
  • If you want to re-post your article on another blog, we are happy for you to do so, but please indicate that the article originally appeared on SPERI Comment.
  • SPERI does not usually publish articles that have been published elsewhere. You must therefore let us know whether your article is under consideration anywhere else.

How to submit a blog

Ideas for blogs or full draft blogs can be submitted at any time. Please send contributions to the SPERI Comment Editor Tom Hunt at tom.hunt@sheffield.ac.uk

  • If you are submitting an idea for a blog, please send a short description of the proposed post. When submitting an idea for a blog or a full draft please also provide a short biographical note (roughly three to four lines)
  • We will edit submitted blogs to enhance readability and ensure it meets our style guidelines. We will send the final version of the submitted blog to the author to provide them with an opportunity to make any further edits if necessary, and will endeavour to provide an estimated publication date.
  • If the required revisions are only minor stylistic or grammatical issues, we reserve the right to exercise discretion in making any adjustments that we see fit.
  • The Editor’s decision on accepting a blog for publication is final.

Commenting on blogs

We welcome comments on our blogs in order to continue and expand the debate and to raise relevant questions.

When commenting on a blog please respond to the ideas and arguments expressed, ensure your tone is polite and that the language is appropriate. Abusive or offensive language will be removed.

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