Beyond Austerity vs Growth:The Future of the European Political Economy

Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield

1–3 July 2013

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Abstract proposals for SPERI annual conference 2013 (829 KB)



Alexander, K. What Can You do About an Exogenous Crisis? Rhetorical Traps for Labour After the Crash (PDF 505KB)
Baker, D.,  Schnapper, P. Frozen Europe – Regulatory Responses to the Eurozone Banking Crisis (PDF 1032KB)
Bartlett, W., Prica, I. The Deepening Crisis in the European Super-Periphery (PDF 574KB)
Bishop, M. Constructing Overseas Europe: The ‘Ultra-Peripheral’ Territories and the Eurozone Crisis
Brown, A., Spencer, D. Variegated Financialisation? A Comparative Analysis of the Changing Role of Finance in Economy and Society
Bulmer, S. Germany and the Eurozone Crisis: Between Hegemony and Domestic Politics (PDF 177KB)Tables (PDF 76KB)References (PDF 119KB)
Caterina, D. First Attempts at Restoring Growth: A Cultural Political Economy Perspective on Italy’s Labour Market Reform 2012 (PDF 276KB)
Cedrone, G., Holland, S. Restarting Growth: Extracts from an EESC Report (PDF 99KB)
Claeys, P., Martire, F. If You Want Me to Stay, Pay: A Model of Assymetric Federalism in Centralised Countries (PDF 214KB)
De Vogli, R. The Great Recession and Health: From Neoliberal Austerity to “Healthy De-Growth”? (PDF 577KB)
D’Ippoliti, C., Wilhelm, B. Politicisation, Technocracy, and European Integration: The Political Economy of Eurobonds (PDF 213KB)
Elhardt, C., Schäubli, T. Models of Competitiveness, European Monetary Integration and the Euro Crisis
Farkas, B. Changing development prospects for the Central and Eastern European EU member states (PDF 262KB)
Feldmann, M. Coalitions and Corporatism: The Slovenian Political Economy and the Crisis
Fincke, B. Sustainable Debt Policies Despite the Crisis? Empirical Evidence for Iberian Economies
Glencross, A. Democracy and European Integration in the Shadow of the Debt Crisis: The ECB’s Evolving Role and the New Architecture of Legitimacy (PDF 416KB)
Gomez Urquijo, L. Social Considerations on Growth and Internal Market in the Aftermath of the Crisis: European Commission Initiatives
Grusevaja, M.,  Pusch, T. The Impact of European Institutional Convergence on Growth in Central and Eastern European Countries
Hacker, B. The End of the European Social Model as We Have Envisioned It? Political Economy Principles in Europe may be Changed by the Economic Crisis Governance (PDF 406KB)
Heyes, J., Lewis, P. Varieties of Capitalism,  European Employment Regimes and Employment Relations in the Aftermath of the Great Recession
Hopkin, J. The Crisis and the Non-Death of Neoliberalism: An Electoral Politics Perspective
Howarth, D. The Dangerously Shallow Pockets of the Euro Area’s Pooled Funds: from the Werner Committee to the European  Support Mechanism
Howarth, D., Quaglia, L. The Comparative Political Economy of Basel III in Europe (PDF 265KB)The Comparative Political Economy of Basel III in Europe – graphs and tables (PDF 368KB)
Jespersen, J. Some Arguments in Favour of Public Investments: Financed by Eurozone Countries with a Surplus on the Balance of Payments
Kundnani, H. A German Europe and the World
Kuokstis, V., Vilpišauskas, R. National Responses to the Financial and Economic Crisis: How Relevant is the Experience of the Baltic States to Southern EU Members? (PDF 302KB)
Kyriakidis, A. Democracy and €zone: A Growing Drift Post-Crisis? (PDF 621KB)
Lee, S. Technocratic Pragmatism and The Developmental Market: The Use of Comparison of European Political Economies in Strategies for British Modernization
Matthijs, M.

The Euro Crisis and the Erosion of Democratic Legitimacy: Lessons from the Gold Standard (PDF 554KB)

McCann, D. Economic Democracy: A Feasible Strategy for Political Economic Reform in Europe? (PDF 327KB)
Mercille, J. The Media and the Question of Sovereign Debt Default in the European Economic Crisis: The Case of Ireland (PDF 396KB)
Murray-Evans, P., Heron, T.

European Policy Diffusion and the Global South: A Constructivist Institutionalist Analysis of the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements (PDF 358KB)

Panagiotarea, E. Stuck with Austerity? Time to Bring Politics and National Varieties of Capitalism Back In (PDF 361KB)
Parker, O., Wincott, D. If the European Social Model Didn’t Exist Would We Have to Invent It?
Pegasiou, A. The Cypriot economic collapse: More than a conventional South European failure (PDF 491KB)
Perraton, J. Wages, Profits and the Eurozone: The Corporate Side to European Imbalances
Pinto de Sousa, P. Ever closer, yet no more Competitive: A Mismatch in the Portuguese Trade Sector, 1995-2011
Rinaldi, A. Fiscal policies after the Crisis: A Cross-Country Study in the Euro Area (PDF 1750KB)
Ryner, M. Europe’s Ordo-Liberal Moment
Rogrigues, A., Turmo, J., Vara, O. Monitoring Eurozone Regional Imbalances to Overcome Obstacles to Growth (PDF 469KB)
Shahidi, F. Varieties of Welfare Capitalism in Crisis: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Labour Market Reforms (PDF 1092KB)
Shimizu, S. How can Free Market Capitalism be contested –An analysis of the discursive battle regarding the legitimacy of the Free Market Capitalism in the UK media during Lehman Shock & Darling Plan (PDF 817)
Singleton, J. The Euro: An Economic Disaster Unfolds (PDF 390KB)
Stanley, L. ‘Us, Them, and ‘Taxpayers Money’: Legitimacy, Crisis, and the Fiscal Sociology of Austerity
Stockhammer, E. Euro-Keynesianism?: The Financial Crisis in Europe (PDF 1010KB)
Turner, C.

The European Infrastructure (EIS) and the Challenges of the Austerity Consensus (PDF 370KB)

Tylecote, A. Incompatible Varieties of Capitalism and the Challenge to the Single European Market (PDF 502KB)
Van Riet, A. Financial Repression to Ease Fiscal Stress: Turning Back the Clock in the Eurozone? (PDF 581KB)
Warren, T. Legitimising Discourses and the Reform Prospects for Fiscal Governance in Europe (PDF 482KB)
Wiegratz, J. From Fake to Civic Capitalism? The Neoliberalisation of Moral Economies and the Crisis