16-17 April 2015

Seminar: Discovering and discussing the hidden costs of recovery: challenges faced by UK households

Bringing together academics and practitioners from UK charities and advocacy organisations, the workshop will analyse the gendered costs of recovery and the expanding crisis of social reproduction.
Key questions include:

  • Which households have been hit hardest by the emerging economic paradigm?
  • How have households managed and mitigated the consequences of austerity, including increasing part-time work and hunger, and changing gendered patterns of work and reproduction?
  • What new concepts and techniques can we use to understand and represent the impact of ‘recovery’ on households and spheres beyond the formal economy?

Through discussion and debate led by early career scholars and practitioners, this workshop will endeavor to rethink recovery in a radical way, taking gender and social reproduction fully into account.

Link to the programme.

If you’re interested in attending the workshop on households, please contact Daniela at d.tepe-belfrage@sheffield.ac.uk.