Recent Events

Tuesday 26th September 2017
SPERI Annual Lecture with Stephanie Flanders: ‘For the many not the few’: do we know how to deliver inclusive growth?
Friday 3 March 2017 | Sheffield
‘In Conversation’ with Will Hutton
16 November 2016 | Sheffield
Rethinking Capitalism: Michael Jacobs
31 October 2016 | The Diamond, Sheffield
Duncan Green book launch: ‘How Change Happens’
22 September | Sheffield
SPERI-Grantham Centre Workshop: ‘Towards an Ecological Political Economy of Contemporary Capitalism
13 July 2016 | Sheffield
SPERI/DEMOS local banking roundtable
23 October
16 September 2015
Responses to austerity
30 June, 1-2 July 2014
SPERI Annual Conference
The Global Contours of Growth and Development: Beyond the Crisis