After Brexit: British and EU capitalisms at the crossroads?

On March 24th 2017 FEPS will host the third workshop in the ‘Diverging Capitalisms? Britain, the City of London and Europe’ project; a joint venture between FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies, Brussels), Policy Network, and SPERI. The workshop will deepen the project’s analysis of the changing nature of the British economy and its place within the European economic space and the consequences of Brexit. The work undertaken will feed into a number of policy briefs, and in the publication of an edited book with Palgrave.

After two workshops focusing on the changing nature of the City of London and the UK-EU relationship in the field of economic governance, the purpose of this third workshop is to discuss the consequences of the global financial crisis, the Eurozone crisis and ‘Brexit’ upon the institutional foundations shaping national growth models, competitiveness, and the social and regional inequalities of economic performance in economies across Europe. This workshop is set to explore the consequences of these crises for intra-national and international inequality, regulation, investment, social welfare, and Europe’s low growth and high debt economies in the UK and across Europe.

Workshop questions:        

  •  How have the global financial crisis and the Eurozone crisis impacted upon the British growth model and its competitiveness?
  • How have the global financial crisis and the Eurozone crisis impacted upon European varieties of capitalism?
  • Are the British and European models of capitalism converging or diverging?
  • How will Brexit impact upon the trajectories of British and European capitalisms?

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11.00-11.15 Welcome, Prof. Colin Hay (SPERI) and Ernst Stetter (FEPS)

Session 1 — The UK’s Growth Model, Business Strategy and Brexit

Presentation: Dr. Scott Lavery (SPERI)

Discussant: Dr. Engelbert Stockhammer (Kingston University, London)                            

Chair: Lisa Kastner (FEPS)

12:30-13:00 Lunch Break

Session 2 — Does Brexit mean a return to national capitalism or a strengthening of cosmopolitan capitalism?

Presentation: Prof. Andrew Gamble (SPERI)

Discussant: Prof. Leila Simona Talani (King’s College, London)

Chair: Charlie Cadywould (Policy Network)


Roundtable Diverging capitalisms? The current state of the European economy


Prof. Stephany Griffith-Jones (Overseas Development Institute and the Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia University)

Prof. Anke Hassel (Academic Director of the Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI) and Professor of Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin)

Prof. Gerhard Stahl (Professor at the Peking University HSBC Business School Shenzhen, and Visiting Professor in the European Economic Studies Department at the College of Europe)

Chair: Prof. Tony Payne (SPERI)

15.45-15-55  Closing