SPERI/Grantham Centre Workshop: Towards an Ecological Political Economy of Contemporary Capitalism

22 September 2016

This SPERI/Grantham Centre workshop will bring together leading political economists and policy analysts in order to analyse and debate the following themes and their implications for the workshop’s motivating question.

  • The geographical diversity and complex interdependence of contemporary accumulation strategies that underpin economic growth;
  • The institutions and discourses that sustain and shape their development, and their histories;
  • The asymmetric distributions of power to which they give rise within and between nationstates;
  • The points of agency that exist, or which might be built, to promote the transition to more sustainable political economies.

The workshop seeks to bring about a cross-pollination of ideas arising from the participant’s distinct specialities, thus laying bare the distinctly political-economic considerations to which a robust policy consensus must pay heed.

Underpinning the workshop is the view that the political economy of contemporary capitalism is a unifying but oft-neglected thread through which diverse research interests and theoretical perspectives can contribute towards the analysis of the factors that shape, frustrate and promote processes of social change in response to ecological crisis. As a means of drawing out and debating these contributions, the workshop encourages its participants to address the inter-related themes listed above, each of which is of unavoidable importance for our understanding of how more ecologically sustainable political economies might emerge.

Please contact Martin Craig for further information.