India’s Changing Role in the Global Political Economy

A one-day workshop on India’s Changing Role in the Global Political Economy will take place in Leicester on Thursday 16th October.  The workshop is to be convened by SPERI, in conjunction with De Montfort University.

The workshop will aim to straddle domestic, regional and global aspects of India’s changing role in the global political economy over the last couple of decades by focusing in turn on different aspects of this role.

Confirmed speakers include:
  • Amit Shovon Ray & Sunandan Ghosh (Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum) ‘India’s Emergence in the World Economy’
  • Kunal Sen (University of Manchester) ‘State-Business Relations in Post-Reform India: Crony Capitalism or Developmental?’
  • Rahul Mukherji (National University of Singapore) ‘The State, Ideas and Economic Reform in India’
  • Valbona Muzaka (King’s College, London) ‘India and Intellectual Property Rights’
  • Matthew McCartney (University of Oxford) ‘The Indian State, Welfare and Industrial Policy’
  • Louise Tillin (King’s College, Cambridge) ‘Food Security and Hunger in India: Political Economy Dimensions’.

Other staff from the University of Sheffield and De Montfort University will also attend as discussants.

Invitation to Public Lecture at DMUAt the end of the day at 6pm  a public lecture will be given at DMU by Professor Rahul Mukherji, National University of Singapore, on the topic of ‘India’s Tryst with Globalisation’.


This lecture will discuss why globalization and economic deregulation arrived in India only in the 1990s. It will consider both their singular achievements and the challenges that continue to confront India at the moment. Globalization and economic growth in India has occurred within a democratic political setting, quite different from the East Asian ‘tigers’.  This is just one of the reasons why this whole story of India’s engagement with globalization is so interesting.

Professor Rahul Mukherji works within the South Asian Studies Programme at the National University of Singapore (NUS), having earlier taught at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi), the City University of New York and the University of Vermont (Burlington). He is concurrently Honorary Senior Fellow and Head of Research at the Institute of South Asian Studies, NUS. Rahul has most recently published: The Oxford India Short Introduction to the Political Economy of Reforms in India (Oxford University Press, 2014) and Globalization and Deregulation: Ideas, Interests and Institutional Change in India (Oxford University Press, 2014). He holds a PhD in Political Science from Columbia University.’

If you would like to attend the public lecture please send an email to