Globalising cities and their de-globalising hinterlands: Book review

Global cities at the ‘core’ of the national economy generate deep and de-stabilising patterns of under-development in the ‘periphery’ Cities have long played a critical role in the development of […]

Capital controls are back on the agenda – but why did Britain scrap them in the 1970s?

Labour and Conservative governments in the 1970s abolished exchange controls and the reasons don’t just lie in free market ideology. […]

Have a very SPERI Xmas!

The last post of 2014 appeared yesterday on SPERI Comment: the political economy blog.  The blog will resume life during […]

SPERI/CITYPERC Workshop on ‘Capital Divided’

SPERI co-hosted a very successful event at City University PERC yesterday entitled ‘Capital Divided: The City Of London and the […]

Africa’s ‘infrastructure gap’ – why we should be cautious about ‘win-win’ solutions for African cities

The ‘plugging’ of infrastructure gaps through international finance can generate new problems for African cities as seen in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Uganda.

British Capitalism after the Crisis: towards a politics of transformation?

In this new essay, Scott Lavery outlines the argument from his newly published book, British Capitalism After the Crisis.

Labour’s Titanic Brexit nightmare

In even flirting with leaving the EU Single Market, the UK is heading full steam towards an iceberg of historic […]

Battles for diversity, heritage and the future of the city: Part I

The planning system has a key role in challenging the negative impacts of inequality, extreme wealth and international investment, but […]

Democracy and Eurozone structural adjustment programmes

The European Parliament’s new role in Eurozone structural adjustment programmes is institutionally ambiguous and offers only limited democratic improvement By […]

The false promise of corporation tax cuts

Recent research suggests that such policies constitute hand-outs, rather than effective means to shape firms’ investment decisions It is now […]