Adam Leaver

Position: Co-Director


Areas of interest and expertise: critical accounting; financialization; financial sector reform; social network analysis

You can follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamLeaver1

Adam Leaver is Professor of Accounting and Society and Co-Director of SPERI. He is also an ISRF Political Economy Research Fellow. Prior to joining the University of Sheffield in 2017, Adam was Professor in Financialization and Management at the University of Manchester, and researcher at the Centre for Research In Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC).

His work is interdisciplinary, working at the intersect of critical accounting, political economy and management. He has published multiple co-authored books and articles on financialization and financial crisis and has a track record of publishing impactful public interest reports on financial sector reform.

Adam’s current research interests include i) using social network analysis methods to map the social relationships that underlie certain complex securities markets, ii) developing a relational theory of the firm to understand the impact of financialization in the corporate sphere, iii) exploring the inter-temporal transfers and tensions that arise as a consequence of financialization and iv) theorising the sociology of metric gaming in organisations.

You can access his SPERI blogs here and you can find his archived Manchester Capitalism blog here

Key publications by Adam Leaver


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  • Froud, J., Johal, Leaver, A. and Williams, K. (2006) Strategy and Financialization: Narratives and Numbers, London: Routledge, 392 pages (shortlisted for IPEG book prize)


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